The Wine-cork Painting

Friday, September 5, 2008

Well if one can create art out of bottle-caps I don’t see why corks can’t be used for the same purpose? It seems Albanian artist Saimir Strati feels the same way, since he has taken on the challenge of creating a 3D painting out of 300,000 wine-bottle corks. What you see in the photos is not the completed project, upon completion it will be a 96 square meter masterpiece depicting people playing guitar.

This is not Strati’s first unusual artwork, in the past he has gained a spot in the Guinness Boook of Records for the world’s largest toothpick mosaic in the world. It contained approximately 1 million toothpicks and it depicted some horses. So be on the look out for Saimir Strati, he’s one special artist.


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